Located in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, where Germany meets Switzerland and France, Freiburg is a multicultural city with a southern charm. Residents have a long-standing commitment to sustainable development, always favoring walking and cycling to get around the picturesque alleys and lanes of the town Centre. Modern and audacious, the whole city supports innovative ideas and its location as the economic heart of a dynamic region only reinforces this open mindedness.

Hailed as the capital of the black forest the town opens onto glorious mountainous landscapes and lush countryside along the Baden wine trail. Certainly on account of its attachment to these exceptional natural surroundings Freiburg has become one of the greatest cities in Europe and a pioneer in solar energy and sustainable architecture. Learn German in Freiburg and let this attractive university town, considered the warmest in Germany, enliven your senses. Stroll about the pedestrian streets of its historical town center, treat yourself to delicious Kaffee & Kuchen on the terrace of a local café and get carried away by a whirl of music and cultural events.

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