Plucked from obscurity and thrust into the limelight during the early days of the Red Sea's tourism drive, the tiny fishing village of Hurghada has long since morphed into today's dense band of concrete that marches relentlessly along the coastline for well over 20km. Rampant construction has left t...


Dahab is the Middle East's prime beach resort for independent travellers. Dahab which consists of more than 1130 square kilometers, is located on the Aqaba bay in the Southern Eastern of Sinai 81 kilometers North of Sharm El Sheikh, 135 kilometers away from the Israeli city of Elat , and 465 kilomet...



Brasilia is a feat of architectural design and urban planning. Designed in the 1950s as a planned city, the capital’s futuristic feel and marvelous buildings make it one of South America's premier travel destinations. The city is like a living museum, and it has earned its prestigious desi...

Rio de Janeiro





Bora Bora


Bora Bora is just one tiny island of French Polynesia, not a country, so it has no capital. But the main town is called Vaitape, hosting the mayor’s office. The government of French Polynesia, a French territory, is located on the island of Tahiti, in Papeete city



 capital city of the Bahamas, lies on the island of New Providence. All the islands are low and flat, with ridges that usually rise no more than 15 to 20 m (49 to 66 ft). The highest point in the country is Mount Alvernia (formerly Como Hill) on Cat Island....



Austria is a German-speaking country in Central Europe, characterized by mountain villages, baroque architecture, Imperial history and rugged Alpine terrain. Vienna, its Danube River capital, is home to the Schönbrunn and Hofburg palaces. It has counted Mozart, Strauss and Freud among its resid...



Tianjin is located in the northeast of the North China Plain, facing the Bohai Sea to the east, about 100 km (60 mi) southeast of Beijing. It is about 35 minutes by bullet train from Beijing.



Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a modern city with numerous ancient ruins. Atop Jabal al-Qala’a hill, the historic Citadel includes the pillars of the Roman Temple of Hercules and the 8th-century Umayyad Palace complex, known for its grand dome. Built into a different downtown hillside, the R...

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