An inspiring experience beyond shopping in the heart of Istanbul

An inspiring experience beyond shopping in the heart of Istanbul

Istanbul, the only city where Asia and Europe meet and the culture of East and West creates a unique synthesis, glamorizes people with its historical, cultural and natural beauties. Every moment of the archaic capital is full of surprises. Istanbul is a dream city with its parks decorated with colorful tulips, Bosphorus-side residences ornamented with redbuds, wooden houses with oriel windows, the ferries accompanied by seagulls. No one who comes to this city goes back the same after seeing the Maiden’s Tower waiting for the Bosphorus like a bride, Topkapı Palace where once was the administration center of three continents and the Bosphorus diving two continents just like a emerald necklace. Qualita offers an unforgettable vacation in the dream city Istanbul with its international standards and high quality. Opportunities that Qualita offers for those who desire to experience all of the beauties of Istanbul with high standards of comfort are really pushing the dreams indeed. 

Day 1:

The vacation comfort of Qualita that pushes the dreams starts with a private jet travel. Our special guests complete their travels by swallowing their drinks in a quite comfortable atmosphere and being mesmerized by the beauties of the Bosphorus while declining to International Atatürk Airport. Guests are taken to private vehicles with a Fast Track without waiting in the ramp and transferred to their five star hotels where they will stay. Istanbul is such a city that guests can be transferred with a chic boat or helicopter so that they can see the beauties of the Bosphorus depending on the location of the hotel since the city of Istanbul is surrounded by sea almost like Venice. Every moment in Istanbul is full of surprises. Guests are wel - comed with the champagne treat in the hotel. After settling in their luxurious hotels, they can receive a massage in the world famous Turk - ish bath in the SPA section. And the dinner in branded restaurants of the hotel in front of the Bosphorus, one of the most beautiful views of the world would be a fantastic final to your day with the company of sunset.

Day 2:

 Guests waking up to a chilling Bosphorus morning maybe the first time in their lives are mes - merized by the beauty they see. After enjoying the rich Turkish breakfast, they set off with comfortable vehicles to see the Historical Penin - sula. And they have a Coffee Break in Sultanahmet in a spot where they can see the glamour of the archaic Istanbul. After this delighted break, it is the turn of Topkapı Palace tour. After this trip unveiling the mysteries of a 600-year Empire, guests enjoy a Istanbul even - ing with all of its beauties in a luxurious restaurant. A Night Club visit is a must to see the legendary nigh life of Istanbul, a city alive for 24 hours. Especially the fantastic entertainment venues by the Bosphorus are ideal… Guests will go back to hotel after a short while after midnight not to miss the next day.

Day 3:

Another delightful Turkish breakfast in a Bosphorus morning joyful with iodine smells and seagull sounds… Then guests will have a boat tour to enjoy the Bosphorus to the fullest. Beylerbeyi Palace, one of the most beautiful Ottoman Palaces and pavilions ornamenting the Bosphorus like a diamond, looks more and more glamorous as we approach. Magnificient interior of the Palace is also mesmerizing but there are stil many places to see and we take the boats again and set off to Büyükada, the most beautiful and hidden neighborhood of Istanbul. Kiosks of Büyükada just like a lacework are as beautiful as to surprize you. The Grand Tour is essential after the lunch we have in the island. A Coffee Break in Aya Yorgi, which is the highest and mystical place of the island, will take you beyond time. While turning back there is the opportunity to stop by one of the famous fish restaurants in the boat or by the Bosphorus upon the request of guests. After a long dinner accompanied by Rakı and Fish, guests go back to their hotels.

Day 4:

A traveler who travels with Qualita offering high quality with international standards just like its name and who enjoys luxury can find everything he looks for regarding luxury in Istanbul which is one of the important fashion capitals. After the breakfast, we set off to the flashiest shopping malls of Istanbul by chic and comfortable vehicles. Istanbul has shopping malls seeing the Bosphorus and offering the most distinguished collections of the most famous brands of the world from Paris to Milano. Guests are welcomed with wine or scotch depending on the convenience of the hour during their Mall trips. Guests can purchase the things they like in company with Trunk Show prepared for them. Guests prefer the city center for dinner after a long shopping with luxurious brands and we go back to the hotel after a night club visit.

Day 5:

Guests who enjoy this vacation to their heart’s content will never be as they come when they go back to their own lives with the amazing memories they accumulate and leave one part of their hearts in this splendid, historic city. They say goodbye to Istanbul when they are transferred to the airport with luxurious vehicles looking at the city’s silhouette shrinking gradually and promise each other to come back again. Guests are welcomed in the airport and transferred to CIP Lounge and accompanied until they are taken to their planes

- Accommodation for 4 Nights Based on Bed and Breakfast.

- Flight tickets

- Transfers from the Airport and back.

- Tour Transfers


- Visa

- Meals & Beverges

- Personal Expenses 

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